There is going to be war in the Middle East.  It is
just a matter of time until it happens.  Israel has decided that there is no way
that it can ever allow Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons.
Iran has gone “all-in” on developing a nuclear program and it has become a
matter of national pride at this point.  Iran does not fear an Israeli attack
against its nuclear program.  In fact, Iran anticipates that an Israeli attack
would cause the Islamic nations of the Middle East to come together and declare
war against Israel.  Sadly, there is a very strong chance that an Israeli attack
on Iran would actually spark a larger regional war.  But there is no way that
Israel is going to allow Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear
weapons, and time for a strike may be running out.  It has become quite clear
that the Obama administration does not want to strike Iran.  So if Israel wants
to do something about Iran, Israel is going to have to be the one to do it.  But
if Obama wins the U.S. election in November, he might work to actively block
Israel from attacking Iran for his entire second term, and the Israelis believe
that by 2016 it will be way too late to do anything about Iran’s nuclear
program.  If Israel attacks before the election, Obama would be in danger of
appearing to be “anti-Israel” if he came out against the attack.  And
considering the fact that Jewish voters are a key voting block in swing states
such as Florida that is not something he would want to do.  But after the
election Obama would not have to worry about what Jewish voters think.  After
the election Obama could move to block an attack on Iran indefinitely.

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