John Moore takes a call from a caller wondering if John had received any further information about ‘anything happening on the East Coast’. John responds “well, we did get an update last night, nothing shocking news so much as confirmation of things we’re getting from other sources. Information that first of all the East Coast military bases are being evacuated under the cover of darkness in the middle of the night using secondary roads. Of course, they aren’t using the word evacuate, that’s my terminology, but they’re relocating, taking out the heavy, expensive equipment and supplies and they’re going to high ground. And, second confirmation when we wake up one morning and there’s Canadian and Mexican troops in the United States to help us in our ‘time of need’, then we’ll know that we’re real close to everything falling apart. So that’s the confirmations we got yesterday afternoon.” Further..”and they’ll be invited in by the Communist president that we’ve got…”

The John Moore Show

Map depicting United States East Coast
Map depicting United States East Coast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)