We’ve come to expect in Obama’s corrupted view of capitalism an unholy alliance of government and business. We’ve come to expect Obama’s mega-donors getting carte blanche access to government slush funds. Case in point is mega-donor George Kaiser, who fleeced $500 million of the American taxpayers’ dollars in the Solyndra boondoggle.

But the Obama.com website takes crony capitalism to a new level.

Owned by Obama mega-donor Robert W. Roche’s Shanghai, China-based Acorn International since 2008, Obama.com really isn’t a website at all.

Well it is, but it isn’t.

Type in the URL, and you will find that it doesn’t go to Obama.com, but Obama’s “donate” page. According to a recent Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report, since 2008, Roche has changed the redirect over time from Obama inauguration merchandise, to pushing Obama’s government takeover, to (now) the “donate” page.

And the “donate” page is the most troubling.

According to the GAI report, 68% of the redirects to the “donate” page are from foreign countries, which means that more than likely, a large amount of Obama’s fundraising is illegal.

How could that be? Doesn’t the Obama campaign check?

In a word: No.

The “donate” page doesn’t check the legality of donations below $200. It doesn’t ask for the three-digit security code (often referred to as the CVV code). It doesn’t verify the address of the donor with credit card billing information. It doesn’t do anything to validate the card.

But that isn’t the end of the matter.

According to the GAI report, Obama.com is administered by an obscure four-employee company in Waterville, Maine: Wicked Global, Inc. The head of marketing is Gregory Dorr, who has ties to the Occupy movement, the terrorist-connected Code Pink, and a host of other Leftist front groups (including Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights, an anti-Semitic group.)