RELATED: Communist Chinese Government Calls For Americans to be Disarmed

Outrageously, foreign governments are now chiming in to support the U.S. media bandwagon that is trying to undermine Americans’ Constitutionally-protected 2nd Amendment rights.

The Communist Chinese government has now backed the disarming rhetoric of the globalist establishment in an article published by state-run media outlet Xinhua, advising that, “If Obama wants to take practical measures to control guns, he has to make preparation for a protracted war and considerable political cost.”

Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones addresses this alarming development in a special video:

Meanwhile, Russian media outlets including RT Moscow have reacted the Connecticut shooting by supporting calls for ‘assault’ weapon bans. Weighing in on the recent tragedy, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated, “I totally agree with those who are against free arms circulation. This is my principled position.” Medvedev further vowed to uphold the existing Russian gun ban.

This only adds to the shrill chorus on U.S.-based media channels repeatedly demeaning the self-defense arguments of gun advocates while seeking to eviscerate ownership rights. The likes of Britain’s Piers Morgan and the Indian-born Fareed Zakaria (whose father was a representative in the Indian National Congress) have used their programs on CNN to continually demand bans and restrictions.

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The British-based Reuters news agency published an article titled, “Even Without Congress, Obama Could Act to Restrict Guns,” essentially arguing that Barack Obama should act as a dictator instead of a president and restrict firearms via executive orders and agency policies, while circumventing Congress and the 2nd Amendment.

They, along with left-leaning American pundits and politicos, are willingly dismantling the last remaining right guaranteed to Americans under the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, with the rights of free speech, due process and privacy thoroughly shredded in the post-9/11 era via legislation like the Patriot Act and NDAA.

This shameful action is seen by many as treasonous (on the part of American figures) and, respectively, seditious on the part of these foreign players, particularly as China has been seen as a future military enemy that would have direct interest in a disarmed U.S. population. The prospect of such a Sino-American war has both sides preparing, according to recent news reports.

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones