Dear America,

The man in the White House is assaulting our constitution.

How much of OUR constitution has he desecrated? What can be done to stop him?

America, you must get involved! This is just like WWI and WWII! The American media weakened our desire to win the Korean and Vietnamese “conflicts”, but now is the time to fight for our children and our way of life.

First, do you believe there is a GOD? If so, you should be aware that you will be called on to give an account of what you as a candidate and then as a member of congress have voted on in our political arena.

Have you considered what a child must go through for an abortion?

 Remember, you will stand before GOD and give an account for your voting record in both houses and the Presidency. View the silent scream before you respond. That is what a child goes through for an abortion.

We are responsible before GOD if you are a believer and responsible to the United States of America’s constitution, whether or not you do believe in it.

I understand the majority of American citizens want to stop abortion.

How much does an abortion cost? That’s a good second thought; naturally, the child should be the first. I believe that stopping a human heart is murder unless the heart is stopped by GOD; therefore, abortion is murder. We have been murdering these babies since 1973.

We commit abortion at the desire of misguided women, and we call it birth control. “When the wicked bear rule, the people mourn; but when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.”

I am sure many will add their words to this. America is under siege with the Obama threat to the way of life started in 1776 when so much blood was shed.

America: add your words to this, then inundate both houses of Congress with messages to them.


Richard D. Gregory, Sr.