Charles Rangel is a Democrat Congressman from New York. He is not a big believer in the Second Amendment. He’s also prejudice against the South. Speaking on MSNBC Live on January 16, 2013 Rangel said that “‘some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome’ when it comes to gun control.” He went on to say:

“New York is a little different and more progressive in a lot of areas than some other states and some of the southern areas have cultures that we have to overcome.”

What he means by “more progressive” is more liberal. New York is pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro-high taxes, pro-government regulations, pro-union,  and pro-being-a-busybody telling people what they can eat and drink.

I’m not sure what he means about “some of the southern areas.” I live in the south. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in the Atlanta, Georgia, area since 1979. My two sons and four grandchildren were born here. I’ve also lived in New Mexico, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, and Mississippi.

I find it interesting that the violent crime rate in New York is higher than in Georgia: 3.98 per 1000 in New York and 3.73 per thousand in Georgia.

Maybe Rangel was talking about south Chicago:

“Homicides in Chicago spiked by 60 percent during the first three months of the year despite an increase in police resources in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, according to new police crime statistics. . . .

“Chicago police and Mayor Rahm Emanuel say the city has increased efforts to combat gang crime . . .  in trouble spots such as the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side. Police blame much of the violence on the city’s more than 70 active gangs and their tens of thousands of members.”

Or maybe Rangel meant south Detroit. Actually most areas in the southern tip of Detroit are some of the safest areas of the city, but that’s not saying much. In The South End there is a story that details how Detroit’s been named America’s “most dangerous city four years running by Forbes Magazine, recording 375 homicides” in 2012 compared to 344 for 2011. “Assaults with guns have also risen steadily over the past few years; 532 armed crimes were logged for every 100,000 residents in 2010, according to FBI statistics.” Think Gran Torino and Hardcore Pawn.

The terrible shooting deaths that have been in the news didn’t take place in the south. Two incidents took place in Colorado (Columbine and the Aurora Theater shooting), Arizona (Gabrielle Giffords), and Connecticut (Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Mr. Rangel needs to clean up his own backyard before he makes demands on an area of the country about which he knows very little.