(UPDATE) Sean Hannity of Fox News said tonight that this is all a “Conspiracy Theory” from Dorner Supporters and the far left. 

#1 ) thetruthsoldier.com never has and does not now “Support” Chris Dorner or his actions.

#2) thetruthsoldier.com is anything but “Far Left” We support Conservative Christian Values and TRUTH!

The proof is on these audio recordings. The Lame Stream Media, including Sean Hannity, will do everything they can to mislead and distract from the truth. WAKE UP and listen for yourself.

Thetruthsoldier.com has learned that a confidential source out of San Bernadino County California has revealed that there was an operation in place to burn down the cabin that Chris Dorner was hold up in and they did reveal the name of that operation was, ” Operation Torch Bad Guy”. This source cannot be revealed for obvious reasons but it does raise concerns about the entire “Operation”.

Cops that surrounded the house that held Chris Dorner are heard on a live broadcast saying, ” Get The Gas”, then telling the news media to, “Get The F*** Out” are also heard saying, ” Burn That F***ing House Down”

In this clip of the scanner audio you can hear the police saying, “we are going ahead with THE BURN” the one like we talked about?”

“Burners” is police slang for tear gas canisters, which are known to cause fires.