I am sure that by now, most of you readers are familiar with the DHS insider interviews.

The latest installment discusses the planned economic collapse of the American economy as well as the planned response by DHS. They have been aggressively training civilian police forces for some time now in combat tactics to thwart a resistance to a total collapse of society. Have you asked yourself yet why the DHS is purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition (some of which is deemed illegal for use by the Geneva convention)? Ammunition that not even our military is allowed to use? The DHS currently now has enough ammunition to shoot every man, woman, and child four to five times. Do you find this disturbing?

According to the DHS insider, the group “Obama for America” has been re-activated; and young people have been hired for a minimum wage to surf the internet. Their purpose? To infiltrate social networks and blogs and to hack user e-mail in an attempt to establish a list of “enemies” of the Obama regime. They are also tasked with spreading misinformation (propaganda). Have any of you noticed that some of your Facebook or Twitter postings mysteriously disappear? There is your sign.

I would dare say, though, that the scariest aspect of this operation is the fact that through all of this information gathering, DHS is building a “Target” or “kill” list. This just isn’t a list with just big names on the right like Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, or Beck on it. My sources have confirmed that I am on it as well, being listed as a writer for The Western Center for Journalism. I was recently asked by my editor if this threat would stop me from writing; my response was “absolutely not!!” They already know who I am, so I will continue to fight them with my pen until the time comes to access other means.

Please don’t take this information for granted. The Obama regime has already set the wheels in motion; they already have what is necessary in order to declare Martial law. They just need to trigger the collapse. Do your research, fellow Patriots; the time is drawing near to fight for the very survival of a FREE America. As always, my friends, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Photo credit: Sumi-l (Creative Commons)