U.S. NAVY Destroyers, Air Force B-2 and B-52 Bombers All-Set

Key reports reflect that the Obama Administration is determined to strike within Syria and likely by Tuesday, when the President is set to address the Nation.

According to circling information at least four U.S. Navy Destroyers are waiting to unleash a hellacious blitzing melee of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles while long-range B2 and B-52 Bombers implore selective carpet-bombing likely reducing Syria to a pile of rubble. The reports claim that Obama plans to wage a much larger strike than initially thought.

The coming attack is projected by some to cause more damage to the Syrian President’s resources and defenses then all attacks Syria has suffered in the past few years.

According to PressTV.ir, “The B-2 and B-52 bombers are equipped with joint air-to-surface missiles, designed to destroy both mobile and fixed targets. The missiles’ primary advantage is that they allow pilots to operate outside the lethal range of most hostile air defense systems. “[1]

Even scarier yet,  is the fact that Infowars.com broke a story Tuesday, exposing the fact that nuclear warheads have indeed been transferred to the East Coast, possibly “South Carolina”, off a West Texas base in preparation for some type of impending attack. Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi wrote, “According to the high level military source, who has a strong record of continually being proven correct in deep military activity, the Dyess Air Force Commander authorized unknown parties to transfer the nuclear warheads to an unknown location that has been reported to be South Carolina, where the warheads will then be picked up and potentially utilized.

This is of particular interest not only due to the fact that the Syrian situation has escalated to the point of a very realistic hot war scenario, but due to the fact that Dyess has repeatedly denied the existence of nuclear warheads inside the base.”[2]

Does the U.S. truly expect to unleash nuclear weaponry on the Syrian people?


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Shepard Ambellas founder, director and editor-in-chief of Intellihub.com, is a researcher, investigative journalist, radio talk show host, activist, and filmmaker.

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