By: Charles Benninghoff

Obama’s final negotiations on the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty are almost complete. He will be sending this treaty to Congress very soon and is asking the House and Senate to grant him Fast Track Authority.

If this happens, World Net Daily says it is all but certain that Congress will “rubber-stamp” the treaty that is designed to ship millions of good American jobs overseas to countries like Viet Nam or Mexico. Read more about how the TPP will destroy employment in the US here.

Under Fast Track authority, no amendments will be allowed and it will not have to pass the 67-vote threshold in the Senate. This will allow Obama to ram this treaty through the House and Senate as quickly as possible before anyone in Congress even has the chance to read the full draft.

Obama has been drafting the TPP in secret with 11 other nations, including Mexico, Canada, Peru, Malaysia and Viet Nam.

Members of Congress have asked repeatedly to see this treaty, but Obama has denied them every time. Only labor union bosses and Obama’s mega-corporation donors have been allowed to see it. Americans do not even know the full extent of the TPP yet, or all of the areas that it covers.

We do know, however, that it has very little to do with “free trade.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, received a portion of the TPP treaty draft and it was so disturbing to him that he immediately leaked it to the public.

Wikileaks was able to obtain the copyright portion of the treaty, which was drafted by Hollywood communists and other First Amendment opponents, and released that chapter.

Here is what we know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership so far:

  • The TPP is designed to “level the playing field” between America and poor Third World countries.
  • Foreign companies from member nations will be able to operate on US soil without being subject to minimum wage laws. These companies will not be subject to federal regulations from the EPA, the FDA or OSHA, giving them tremendous advantages over American businesses.
  • Legislative power would be transferred from your federal, state, county and city governments to the UN thugs at the World Trade Organization. The WTO could write laws that America will have to implement.
  • Judicial power would be transferred from our federal courts to foreign “tribunals” operating under the TPP. You could be sued by a foreign government and would have no protection from your own government in the entire process.
  • Medical monopolies will increase. A life-saving scorpion anti-venom treatment recently cost an Arizona woman $83,046 when she was stung. The same medicine costs $100 across the border in Mexico. These injustices will only increase under the rules that “Big Pharma” has had written into the TPP.
  • Millions of American manufacturing jobs will be shipped overseas as this “free trade” deal breaks down barriers to globalization and Obama’s over-riding goal: one-world government.

That is just what Americans know about it so far. This secret treaty is more than a thousand pages long and Obama wants it to breeze right through Congress as quickly as possible. Find out how you can help stop this treaty from passing through Congress here.

Critics of the TPP say it will destroy American sovereignty. It completely transforms the way our laws, our court systems, our businesses and our livelihoods are structured.

Americans cannot let Obama get away with this and make us all slaves to their fantasy one-world government. Obama and his secret allies who have been crafting the TPP are out to destroy America as we know it.

All of the protections we still enjoy under the Constitution and our Bill of Rights are endangered by Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership. The WTO could write a law banning firearms ownership or Christianity, and Congress would have to implement it.

Americans will be completely subservient to foreign powers if this passes and it will pass unless action is taken now.

You can help save American jobs and freedoms by convincing congress to deny Fast Track Authority here. Please also share this link with everyone you know so they can help too.