FORT DRUM | A few weeks ago we reported that Ted Cruz could be the first president of the North American Union. What’s a Commander in Chief without a standing army?

It appears that question may be answered.

On May 21st U.S. Soldiers assigned to 10th Brigade Support Battalion, 10th Mountain Division trained together with Canadian Soldiers of the 2nd Service Battalion at Fort Drum.

The goal of the two units was to develop interoperability skills, and learn each others weapon systems.

The two units plan on further events to maintain readiness and solidify the joint exercises for future deployments.

Noticeably absent were Mexican troops from this exercise. But don’t worry nearly one year ago the Pentagon quietly expanded their training of Mexico’s armed forces, and spent $15 million of your tax dollars to do it.

Even if Ted Cruz isn’t selected by the New World Order to reign over the North American Union and its unified military forces, President Obama is doing a pretty good job laying the groundwork for who ever is.