Speaking with Breitbart radio host Stephen K. Bannon earlier this week, former FBI counter-terrorism Special Agent John Guandolo claimed that the “vast majority” of mosques and other Islamic organizations in the United States host provable links to a broader “jihadi network” that seeks to implement Shariah lawthroughout America.

He added that at least 75 percent of the 2,200 Islamic entities in America are “owned by the North American Islamic Trust, which is a bank for the Muslim Brotherhood here.”

The purpose of these organizations, Guandolo argued, “is to wage civilization jihad until the entire world, and especially the United States, is under Shariah law, and the Islamic State is established here.”

In defending these accusations, Guandolo referenced his extensive experience in former President George W. Bush’s government.

“In 2006, I put together the first training program inside the government on the jihadi network in the United States and was able to sneak a second one in in early 2007,” he explained.

These programs had him imparting his knowledge to “quite a number of agents from a variety of agencies,” but then when President Barack Hussein Obama rose to power, the programs got axed.

During his time studying the jihadi network, however, Guandolo learned that “the leaders of the Islamic organizations were actually interfacing with government leaders and advising them with how to proceed in the war on terror, as it was called.”

“We were being advised by the enemy on how to investigate and deal with the enemy,” Guandolo explained.

He pointed to the Islamic Society of North America, a Hamas-funding group that not only works alongside the secretary of state and the national security staff, but also gets to brief the FBI and the CIA.

Even worse, the group’s previous president, Mohamed Magid, works “very closely with the White House and sits on the Homeland Security Advisory Committee with a secret clearance.”

All these revelations make one thing abundantly clear: 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke with great logic and common-sense when he suggested that we begin to more thoroughly scrutinize America’s many mosques.

The liberal mainstream media can call him a bigot all it wants, but the facts show that his arguments make a lot of sense.

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