• Who induced them to come here?
  • Who paid for foreign government ads telling them how to get here and what to say and do?
  • Who induced the unaccompanied childrenflood among the illegals?

 Rush Limbaugh asked the pertinent question the other day, and just left it hanging out there as food for thought. He didn’t answer it, he just put it out there. I think we all know the answer. Who benefits from it?


Marxocratism. That unique American form of anti-American Marxism that controls the Marxocrat Party, the Marxocrat Media and the Marxocrat-dominated “Get Trump” Shadow Government in the federal bureaucracy.

The whole ideologically Marxocratic SLIMC1 , just to cover all the bases.

The truth of it will come out eventually, just as the truth is now coming out regarding the Justice/FBI/CIA/etc. Marxocrat deep-state cover-up of Madame Hillary’s crimes and the manufacturing of false charges against President Trump and his associates.

But we do know who benefits. Marxocratism, anti-Trumpism, anti-Constitutionalism, anti-Americanism, anti-nationalism, anti-borderism, globalism. And the big-money donors to all of those causes.

  • Somebodyis paying the governments of Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, etc., to run radio and TV ads telling citizens how to get to the American border, how to get across it and what to say when and if they are caught.
  • Somebodyis running foreign language ads in foreign lands telling people how to get into America, where to go to find sanctuary and how to apply for food stamps and other benefits.
  • Somebodyis inducing foreign parents to load their own unaccompanied children on trains headed for the US border.
  • Somebodyis giving all the illegals continually updated scripted advice on how to answer the latest Border-Patrol questions with the latest best answers, and how to claim to be seeking asylum, and whatever else to appropriately counter the latest updated Border Patrol instructions.
  • Somebodyis prepping and organizing the periodic caravans and trainloads of sometimes all children and sometimes mixed mobs of illegals to each suddenly overwhelm and Cloward-Piven some strategically selected point on our southern border.
  • Somebodyis coordinating these events with the Marxocrat Media so that  Fake News Journalists are there and ready to express fake outrage, phony rage and blind hatred of President Trump for not immediately getting all these children reunited with the parents who sent them here, and on American soil, and all free to get lost in America.
  • Somebodytriggered the sudden visits of outraged and sobbing Marxocrat politicians, Pelosi in the lead, to the border, to witness and scream and wail about illegal alien children locked up in Obamunist chain-link-fence cages.

This mass-migration, mass-illegal entry, mass “separation” and caging of children has been going on for years, instituted by Comrade President Obama, peace be upon him. But Pelosi, Schummer and the rest of the Marxocrats and the RINO Republicrats never said a word until now.


Because Russian-Collusion didn’t work, Obstruction of Justice didn’t work, Stormy Daniels didn’t work, and they had to come up with some other way of attacking Trump. And all the lies covering up Madame Hillary and Comrade Obama’s crimes, and all the lies challenging the Trump Presidency are slowly, ever so slowly coming to light.

The Marxocrat Party and the Marxocrat Media have got to cover that all up with “new news”, and what better way to invent new news than to suddenly “discover’ what they themselves have been doing on the Mexican border, and blame it all on Trump. 

The latest memorized and well-rehearsed illegal alien claim that all the non-Mexican illegals are seeking asylum is undone by the fact that they had left their own native country and passed through Mexico on the way here. They had already “escaped” the country they falsely claimed to need asylum from. They didn’t really need to come here to get asylum; they already had it. So “asylum” wasn’t really the plan to begin with. It was nothing more than a scripted, rehearsed and spoon-fed excuse to get into America.

So who is funding and organizing all of this well-orchestrated crime? 

Does anyone smell George Soros, and the other big-donors backing Marxocratism? Or the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? Or the Russian and other foreign mega-million donors to the Clinton Foundation, including Vladimir Putin, and other foreign governments and persons not particularly friendly toward America?

Does anyone smell Comrade Obama, and all of his backers and donors? 

All the suddenly outraged and grief-stricken Newsies and Politicos now openly weeping on camera at the separation of families are blaming Trump for what they themselves brought about. They caused it. They backed it. It was their plan from the beginning.

Now that it has been pointed out that the caged childen were caged under the Obamunist Regime, they all modify the charge to say that both Parties are at fault, but the Trump and the Republicrats are in charge now, and they need to end the family separation at the border, and stop the open weeping and outrage of all the Newsies and Politicos on camera.

So Trump did that with an executive order, but not what they wanted. The children of parents who have been charged with a crime will be held with the parents until their cases are heard, rather than all released into America never to be seen by the courts again.

And the Marxocrats are even more outraged at that.

Bottom line, they want an end to all borders and an end to all nations, and an end to the nation of America. They want a Marxist Revolution here, and they are working overtime to get one going. 

They won’t get one, but their hateful vitriol on camera just might get someone killed before this is all done. This is the kind of Marxocrat public outrage than inspired a vengeful Marxocrat voter to shoot Republicrat Steve Scalise on a baseball field. The Marxocrat voter base is being driven nearly insane with hatred of Trump and all followers of Trump, including his whole Party, despite the fact that most of his own Party opposes him. The swamp is that deep.

The resolution to all of this is in Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Building the Wall, enforcing border security and shutting down all legal immigration is about as comprehensive as it gets. It would solve the problem. Immigration should remain closed however long it takes for all those already in America to either assimilate into American culture and become Americans, or, to be deported and never allowed to return.

And that’s a whole lot better than the Marxocrat plan.

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